He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 2

Huo Xingchao woke up.

When he woke up, his mind was a confused mess. His memories seemed to be an endless expanse of beauty, a space full of nebulae.

He found himself spinning and spinning within it.

Finally, a voice spoke to him, “You have to save them!”

Save who?

Just as he wondered, he suddenly felt a burning sensation on his wrist.

He raised his hand and saw a shining dot on the protruding bone of his left wrist.

Then, the shining dot flew out from his wrist, flying aimlessly in front of his eyes.

After about half a minute, it stopped in front of him.

It hit his forehead.

With a bang, like a meteor hitting the earth, his mind suddenly contained a new book.

It was the story of this world.

Huo Xingchao sat on the not-so-wide bed, flipping through the book with his mind.

The shining dot rotated around the name “He Nian,” and a stuttering, tender voice sounded in his mind.

“You have to, you have to save this person.”

He Nian?

…She was such a pitiful girl.

She had been in turmoil and chaos since she was ten years old.

Almost all of her misfortunes stemmed from another girl: Jiang Xiaxia.

Jiang Xiaxia and He Nian were a pair of very destined neighbors and sisters.

They were born on the same year, month, and day, grew up in the same village, and were very close, even closer than real sisters.

But in the summer of a certain year, Jiang Xiaxia sneaked into the river to play and accidentally drowned.

While she struggled in the water, she happened to be seen by He Nian’s father.

At that time, Father He jumped into the water to save her, but because of cramps, he was choked by the water and held down by Jiang Xiaxia, leaving his life in the water.

Jiang Xiaxia ran home in panic and told her family.

Naturally, her family was shocked and guilty. They were so angry that they beat Jiang Xiaxia.

After the beating, because of their selfishness, they dared not tell the truth to others.

They could only force Jiang Xiaxia to stay in the house, and then Father Jiang pretended to have just passed by and took Father He’s body back.

That night, Mother He, who heard the terrible news, was over seven months pregnant and had a seizure on the spot.

She gave birth to a weak-breathed boy, but died because of the difficult labor.

Both children lost their father and mother on the same day.

That year, He Nian was ten years old.

Due to a secret sense of guilt, Jiang’s family adopted her and her newborn brother, treating them like their own children in the following years.

Later, around the year 1973, Huo Chenyang, the fiancé chosen by He Nian’s family, who was a young intellectual sent to the countryside, was sent to the nearest Shaping village through the efforts of his family.

This is the village where He Nian and Jiang Xiaxia lived.

He said he was He Nian’s fiancé, but gradually fell in love with Jiang Xiaxia during his time in the countryside.

However, in He Nian’s heart, who knew nothing of this, she saw the Jiang family as benefactors and Jiang Xiaxia as a sister.

Therefore, when Jiang Xiaxia voluntarily confessed to her and promised to break up with Huo Chenyang, she generously stopped her.

He Nian gave up her fiancé and wished the two of them a happy future together.

As a result, the two of them did indeed become a couple, but what about the marriage arrangement between the Huo and He families?

After all, when Grandfather He saved Grandfather Huo’s life on the battlefield, the latter promised the marriage arrangement.

Grandfather Huo, tapping his cane, disagreed with his grandson’s “free love.”

But how could Huo Chenyang agree when he was deeply in love?

He suggested that his younger brother marry He Nian instead, which would also be a union between the Huo and He families. He tried to persuade his parents and grandfather to agree.

But who was Huo Chenyang’s younger brother?

He was a ruffian who was uneducated, liked to fool around, and flirt with women.

In any case, He Nian’s married life was quite miserable.

Even her only son became mentally disabled because of Jiang Xiaxia, and she learned the truth about her father’s death at this time.

Under multiple blows, she became bitter and began to take revenge on Jiang Xiaxia.

Of course, as expected, she didn’t succeed at all.

In the end, she betrayed her own family and committed suicide by drowning, thus ending her own lonely life.

After finishing the book, Huo Xingchao’s thoughts lingered on the name “He Nian,” pausing for a moment, it was unclear what he was thinking.

After a while, he asked, “Should I help her?”

The light flickered and then returned to his wrist, no longer shining or heating up, and converged into nothingness.

A childish voice slowly echoed in his mind, “Yes!”

“Starlight value: zero percent.”

It was probably early morning, as the sky was just starting to lighten, and a cold winter chill permeated through the blanket.

His bedroom was very small.

Two beds, a desk, a wooden cabinet, and a solid wooden trunk.

A bookshelf was placed on the desk with a few elementary and middle school textbooks.

The cabinet was open with only a few pieces of clothing inside.

Several shirts, a few khaki and black pants, a few dark brown sweaters, a military coat, and two cotton jackets were on the chair nearby. Everything belonged to him.

In this era, it was already considered a luxurious wardrobe.

It was now 1973, which was the first year that his brother, Huo Chenyang, went to the countryside.

Yes, that’s right. He is now the ruffian, Huo Xingchao, who is ignorant and likes to mess around with women.

Although he was only fourteen years old, the messy textbooks thrown aside on his desk and the snacks taking up a large space showed that this child already had some signs of being a delinquent.

And Huo Xingchao didn’t look like an honest person.

He held a toothbrush cup and wore a military green cotton coat.

He brushed his teeth in the narrow kitchen, holding a small mirror with missing edges and corners in his hand.

A handsome face was reflected in the mirror.

Thick eyebrows, thin lips, peach blossom eyes, and several folds in the double eyelids.

It was a handsome and free-spirited playboy.

In terms of appearance, Huo Xingchao resembled his father, while his brother resembled his mother.

But his father was condidered handsome in the factory, while his mother had a better temperament.

So since he was young, when they went to visit relatives during the New Year, the adults preferred Huo Xingchao, the pretty boy.

It was the same when they went out to play. Although Huo Chenyang was five years older and looked more mature, the kids still liked to gather around Huo Xingchao.

Perhaps it was due to this growing environment that Huo Chenyang became an honest and hardworking worker in the factory when he grew up, while Huo Xingchao, the smart child, became a ruffian who roamed the streets.

While brushing his teeth, the door of the adjacent room was opened, and a woman wearing a red sweater walked out.

She was surprised to see him.

“Xingchao, why did you get up so early today?” It was Guan Shuyue, his mother, who worked at the textile factory.

Xingchao had many sweaters, all of which were obtained by his mother from her job.

After rinsing his mouth and cleaning his toothbrush and cup, Xingchao came out of the kitchen.

“I have to go to school today.”

“You don’t have to get up so early. You used to roll out of bed right on time. And you had a fever just yesterday. Let me ask the teacher for another day off for you.”

Xingchao had caught a cold a few days ago and ended up staying up late reading comic books and catching a cold again. It turned into a fever in the end. But after taking medicine and resting for a day, the fever subsided. He just didn’t feel like going to class, so he took more than a week off.

His mother indulged him and was even afraid that he wouldn’t get enough rest.

That’s how spoiled kids were raised.

After putting on his cotton jacket, Xingchao waved his hand.

“No, I’ve missed too many classes these past few days. I have to catch up.”


Xingchao’s unexpected enthusiasm surprised his mother.

After a moment, she smiled happily, feeling that his fever had somehow cleared his mind and he knew he had to study hard. So she slapped her head.

“Okay, I’ll make you some egg soup and rice dumplings for breakfast. I brought a chicken back yesterday, so I’ll cook chicken for you at noon.”

The living conditions in the Huo family were quite good. Grandfather Huo was a retired soldier and received a monthly subsidy. Not only did he not have to worry about his own needs, he could also give some to his son and grandchildren. However, Xingchao’s father never asked for any money. He was a workshop worker and was still at the fourth level, earning 50 yuan a month. Together with Xingchao and his younger brother Huo Chenyang, who had no income, the entire Huo family was well-fed and well-clothed.

As his mother worked in the kitchen, she kept talking.

“I wonder how your brother is doing in Shaping Village. It’s cold now and he only brought one cotton jacket. It’s definitely not enough. And what about your sister, He Nian? There are so many people in the Jiang family. I don’t know if they will take care of her. She’s such a young girl and she’s probably even colder…”

Huo Xingchao lifted his head from the book and laughed, “Mom, next time Grandma Jiang comes to the city, can you ask her to take back something for my brother? You’ve sent her so many things, isn’t it enough for her to do us a favor?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? I sent those things for your younger sister Nian Nian. She kindly took her in and raised her. Don’t make up stories here.”

Huo Xingchao sneered but said nothing.

Because of He Nian’s relationship with the Jiang family, they often sent things over to them.

It’s really strange.

The book is full of praise for the Jiang family’s kindness to He Nian, as if she were their own. But isn’t that how it should be?

He Nian’s parents’ savings over the years were all in their hands, and the house they lived in belonged to them. Every time the Huo family sent things to their two children, the Jiang family received them.

It’s one thing for his mother to send things, but his grandfather sent a lot every time, enough to support two children.

But He Nian still helped with the chores like Jiang Xiaoxia.

The Jiang family inexplicably gained a house and every child had a spacious place to live in, but He Nian and her younger brother squeezed into a small room.

Although the younger brother was still young and needed care, it was still wrong to take advantage of someone’s parents and then pretend to be kind.

It’s disgusting.

“Hey, Xingchao, where are you going?”

“To school.”

“Aren’t you going to have breakfast?”

“No, I’m saving my stomach for meat at lunch. Just cook it for Dad.”

“Hey, Xingchao, Xingchao?”

Mother Huo didn’t even dry her hands and ran to the door, but she only saw her son’s back and couldn’t help sighing, “This child.”

“Why does he always like to go out?”

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