He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 17

Overlord Xing left this world when everything was perfect.

Everything he did was done in accordance with the character of the world, the personality of the Huo Xingchao. He just slightly adjusted his outlook on life.

As long as the memories remained, even if he left, Huo Xingchao would continue to move forward on the Sunshine Avenue.

After receiving the light from the Sensing Star, the stars of time and space dutifully continued their operation.

They even considerately left a day of rest for their governing official.

So, Overlord Xing spun in the chaotic tunnels for a day.

Just as another beautiful star approached, emitting a fragrant breath, attempting to entice him into helping her smuggle into the vast Great Sea of Stars, he couldn’t help but become angry.

Huo Xingchao opened his eyes inside a tent.


The tent is neither big nor small, and the zipper at the front is not tightly closed. A few rays of light slip through the opening, illuminating the straight bridge of the young boy’s nose and casting a shallow shadow beneath his eyelids.

He rubbed his head, making his hair messy. Combined with his sleepy eyes, he looked like a slender boy from a Japanese film, one who was given an excessively long close-up shot by the director.

The slender boy sat up.

Nearby, he could hear the casual conversation of the boys, clearly audible from outside the tent.

“It’s already this late, why hasn’t Xiao Xingchao gotten up yet? Could it be that he’s still in bed dreaming and having a good time with his little miss?”

“Huh, if you have the guts, say that in front of Brother Huo later. Wow, I’ll even call you with a fluorescent stick!”

“Hahaha, if Goudan dares to mention his little miss in front of Brother Huo, Brother Huo will bury him in the rapeseed flower field. Look how scared he is, like a grandson, tsk tsk tsk…”

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter? Teasing me, huh? Believe it or not, I won’t feed you, and let you go hungry…”




Just as they said.

The little star that Huo Xingchao was going to save this time was a young lady.

Fair skin, beautiful appearance, long legs, and a high-ranking official.

But she didn’t love him.

Hmm. This was a complicated love quadrangle.

Fang Xiazi, the young lady that Huo Xingchao liked, was his senior in the science class of Class 2 at No. 1 Middle School. She was also the head of the school’s art department. She was beautiful, played the violin, and had excellent grades.

However, she had a somewhat arrogant personality, like a little princess.

Fang Xiazi had a neighbor named Han Yicheng, who was the class monitor of the liberal arts class in Class 2 at No. 1 Middle School and also a top student. He had a cold and aloof demeanor, spoke very little, and of course, he was handsome.

He grew up in a single-parent family, with his mother being a music teacher and running a piano teaching class at home.

Fang Xiazi had been neighbors with him for thirteen years and knew everything about him. She liked everything about him. If she were a little princess, then Han Yicheng would be the prince in her heart.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, princes usually don’t like princesses.

They either like resilient and strong weeds or clumsy and cute seaweed.

Or they like cheerful and smiling sunflowers.

Xiang Rikui is Han Yicheng’s junior sister. She learned to play the piano under Han’s mother for five or six years. She was lively, optimistic, and positive, like a shining and radiant little sun.

During their five or six years together, Han Yicheng gradually became attracted to this little sunflower and developed indescribable feelings for her.

But you know, in a love quadrangle, it’s best to form a cycle.

Unfortunately, Xiang Rikui didn’t like the prince. She secretly admired the school grass in their class, Huo Xingchao.

Huo Xingchao was a science genius, and even though she was not good at math, she worked hard to get into the science class by leveraging her connections.

Huo Xingchao was a member of the school’s basketball team, so she would sit by the basketball court every evening with her homework, watching him play basketball.

Huo Xingchao loved to eat White Rabbit Toffee, so she would secretly place one on his desk every morning.

Huo Xingchao liked Fang Xiazi, so she…

She would lose herself in tears in the rain, then throw herself into Han Yicheng’s arms when he rushed over, crying in distress.

Han Yicheng felt heartbroken.

He knew that Fang Xiazi liked him, and to prevent the girl he loved from continuing to be upset, the next day, he confessed to her.

Because being together with Fang Xiazi meant that Huo Xingchao would also lose his love.

Xiang Rikui regained her smile.

However, during their relationship, Han Yicheng remained cold towards Fang Xiazi. Whenever Xiang Rikui had any problems, he would leave his girlfriend without hesitation to comfort her.

From the beginning, in his heart, Fang Xiazi was just a tool to make Xiang Rikui happy.

The day before the cultural show, Xiang Rikui was confronted by a group of girls for “hanging around Huo Xingchao.” Han Yicheng received a call for help and instinctively went to rescue her.

As for Fang Xiazi, she knew nothing and became worried when she saw him suddenly running off, so she followed after him.

In the end, they arrived in time, but they were outnumbered and ended up trapped in an alley.

Perhaps because Huo Xingchao had once liked Fang Xiazi, the girls disliked her as well.

They laughed and said to Han Yicheng, “You can take one of the two girls with you.”

The boy hesitated and looked into Fang Xiazi’s eyes with a hint of helplessness and guilt.

Then he turned his head, took Xiang Rikui’s hand, and ran out.

His innocent girlfriend was left behind, trapped in that place.

She was humiliated, photographed in indecent poses, threatened, and lost the most precious thing a girl could have.

That day, Fang Xiazi stayed in the alley for a very long time.

Long enough for her worried parents to search the streets and alleys, crying as they hugged her.

Han Yicheng didn’t even call for someone to rescue her.

He didn’t even think of informing her parents.


The next day was the cultural show.

Fang Xiazi stood below the stage, watching Han Yicheng and Xiang Rikui perform a four-hand piano piece.

The two exchanged smiles, full of tenderness.

Despite the immense pain and humiliation she had endured, Han Yicheng showed no sign of remorse or burden, except for a short message of apology and a breakup.

He was smiling so brightly, without a trace of guilt or burden.

Disturbing photos and threats arrived on her phone again.

The girl finally broke down, holding a knife in her hand, rushed onto the stage, aiming for Han Yicheng’s chest.

However, at the moment the knife was about to pierce his chest, she hesitated as she looked into his eyes, filled with fear.

But in that instant, she was pulled away by the security guards who had rushed forward.


The end of the story.

In the hospital ward, Xiang Rikui held Han Yicheng’s hand, finally moved by his love and sacrifice. She leaned down and kissed his lips.

The boy opened his eyes with a playful smile.

Meanwhile, Fang Xiazi leaned against the window of the psychiatric hospital, watching the sunshine that filled the world.

She closed her eyes and shed a tear.


Huo Xingchao put on his coat and walked out of the tent. The glaring sunlight made him squint his eyes, and as he squinted, he saw several people squatting on the ground, playing with a pile of stones. He raised an eyebrow.

“What are you guys doing?”

The seven people turned their heads and saw the boy standing at the tent’s entrance, their eyes lighting up.

Jiang Wei excitedly ran over.

“Brother Huo, you finally woke up! Help us build a stove. This thing is damn difficult, and we can’t figure out its naughty little temper without your guidance.”

Brother Huo lazily walked over and looked at the messy pile of stones on the ground, smiling.

“Oh, you guys are playing house, huh?”

The others hung their heads without any dignity, squatting like prisoners.

“Yes, yes, we are utterly powerless. Brother Huo, you are like light, you are like electricity, you are unparalleled. Whether we can have a warm meal or not, it all depends on you!”


This was the summer camp activity at No. 1 Middle School.

Students from the three grades signed up together and participated in it.

Although it was called a summer camp, it was actually a picnic together.

It started with Xiang Rikui enthusiastically signing up, followed by Han Yicheng. Then Fang Xiazi followed Han Yicheng’s lead. Finally, Huo Xingchao signed up following Fang Xiazi.

And then Huo Xingchao’s friends signed up with him.

And then many girls signed up for Huo Xingchao and Han Yicheng.

And then…

This previously unpopular summer camp had an extraordinarily large number of participants this year.

The school was worried about managing it, so they divided it into four groups and set up camps in four different areas of the mountain.

There was some distance between them, but not too far apart, and each group had two teachers leading them.

Coincidentally, Xiang Rikui and Han Yicheng were assigned to the same group, while Huo Xingchao and Fang Xiazi were together.

After arriving at the destination, the teachers assigned tasks.

Some people washed dishes and vegetables, some set up tents, and some built stoves.

Huo Xingchao was assigned to build tents. With his camping experience, he quickly completed his task and lazily lay down in the tent to sleep.

He slept for quite a while, and when he woke up, the sun had already passed its zenith, and the stove they were supposed to build was still a pile of stones that wouldn’t ignite.

He raised his eyebrows, leaned against a tree, and didn’t feel like helping them.

“You’re useless. Why should I do it…”

The boys’ voices stopped abruptly.

Out of the corner of his eye, the boy caught sight of a girl carrying a basin of washed vegetables, returning with a faint smile on her face as she chatted with her companion.

The boy curved his lips, his handsome features and sunny disposition shining through his eyes.

He squatted down, his voice clear and bright.

“You don’t know how to build a stove? Why didn’t you say so earlier? Let me help you. See, between the stones, you need to leave a small gap so that there’s enough oxygen. Otherwise, the fire won’t burn…”

The girls over there looked in their direction.

In the golden light, the boy’s movements were casual yet orderly, and the exposed muscles on his arms looked quite manly. His side profile was so attractive that it seemed like it was drawn.

Unable to resist, the girl couldn’t help but cup her face with her hands.

“I finally understand what they mean when they say a boy from a manga has stepped out. Even though I love older men, if they look like him, I wouldn’t mind a younger guy!”

“Come on, didn’t you see all those grade school girls? They wouldn’t even look at an old lady like you.”

“Hey, I’m only a year older. How can you call me old? Xiazi, tell me, can’t I go for a younger guy? Can’t I?”

Fang Xiazi put down the basin in her hand, glanced at her, raised her eyebrows, as if pondering.

“Hahaha, don’t ask Xiazi. She doesn’t like younger guys. She prefers the cold and aloof type like Han Yicheng. Seriously, how did you end up falling for him? When you two are together, can you even exchange ten sentences in an hour?”


She could.

But Han Yicheng couldn’t.

So, on average, they couldn’t.

The girl took out the vegetables from the basin and placed them on the cutting board, sighing as she lowered her gaze.

She always felt that Han Yicheng didn’t like her that much.

But if he didn’t like her, why did he confess to her?

It was clearly him who confessed, but now it seemed like she was the one chasing after him.

She, Fang Xiazi, the little princess, had never begged a boy so humbly before, yet he still refused to give up the summer camp and go watch the game with her.

Is this summer camp so much fun?

Is building a stove such a rare thing?



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