He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 12

Huo Xingchao embarked on his journey to the north.

When he chose his major, he randomly filled in whatever he found pleasing.

His mother, however, had a special chat with his teacher.

Their teacher was a person with quite some ideas. He said that a new computer science major had been established at Peking University this year. Considering the overall domestic and international situation, the future development of computer science should be good, so he suggested that Huo Xingchao consider it.

In fact, choosing Peking University for computer science may not necessarily be the best choice.

But Huo Xingchao didn’t really care. He didn’t have a favorite major himself, so he chose whatever his teacher and mother suggested. After all, in this era, university students wouldn’t starve no matter what they studied.

He wouldn’t starve to death.

However, Huo Xingchao’s university life was very difficult.

Because the professors liked him too much.

As the most intelligent and fastest processing star in the Great Sea of Stars, his brain was extraordinary. In any case, the professors already regarded him as a leading figure in the future domestic technological revolution. They would get angry when they saw him studying casually and carelessly. Whenever he had free time, they would drag him to the computer and make him help with research.

After graduation, while pursuing his postgraduate studies, he also started working at a national research institute.

And he continued to be drafted all around.

Huo Xingchao was annoyed.

He felt that being too intelligent made life difficult.

Moreover, He Nian had already come to Beijing to be with him. He needed to save some money and buy the courtyard he had set his sights on before she graduated.

He also needed to prepare the betrothal gifts.

Four years ago, He Nian also entered a university in Beijing.

It wasn’t a prestigious one compared to Peking University, but in this era, being able to enter university already made her an excellent student.

She studied nursing, and now it was confirmed that after graduation, she would work at the hospital where she had previously interned.

Grandfather Huo had been looking forward to He Nian’s graduation, eagerly anticipating the official confirmation of their marriage.

He smiled all day long and could even eat an extra half bowl of rice.

He was happier than when Huo Chenyang and Jiang Xiaxia got married.

Although Huo Xingchao and He Nian’s marriage was not publicly announced, it had been known to their relatives and friends for a long time.

Almost everyone who needed to know knew about it.

During the wedding banquet, Aunt Jiang immediately changed her expression and smiled at He Nian.

“Nian Nian, I knew it. You are a lucky child. Look at you, isn’t this going from bitterness to sweetness? If this were ancient times, you would be a top-ranking wife…”

Grandma Jiang sat at the side, eating and smiling, but there was a trace of discomfort on her face.

Since He Nian was twelve years old, she knew that the girl’s feelings towards their family had faded.

She tried to salvage the situation, after all, she felt guilty for what Xiaxia had done back then. But later on, she found that neither He Nian nor He Yi, these two children, were grateful no matter how well the Jiang family treated them.

It wasn’t until later, when the Huo family came to discuss the wedding, that Grandma Jiang suddenly understood why He Nian had been closer to Huo Xingchao since she was a child.

It turned out she had such thoughts in her heart.

And indeed, while Chenyang was good, Xingchao was even better.

Any discerning person would know who was the better choice if given the opportunity.

After thinking carefully for many years, Grandma Jiang finally understood He Nian’s thoughts at that time.

Yes, she first pursued Huo Xingchao. If she failed, she still had the fallback of the marriage contract with Huo Chenyang. If she succeeded, naturally it would be a thousand times better.

As a result, Xiaxia and Chenyang fell in love first, and the Huo family had to dissolve the marriage contract.

But a few days later, Grandfather Huo arranged the marriage between Huo Xingchao and He Nian. Grandma Jiang wondered at the time whether it was to compensate He Nian.

After careful consideration over the years, the more she thought about it, the more it seemed that way.

“Xiaxia, let me tell you, don’t be deceived by someone’s appearance. They are very smart. You will have to live under the same roof with them in the future. Just because your husband is a scholar and has a child, she will definitely be jealous of you.”

At the banquet, Grandma Jiang leaned close to her granddaughter and repeatedly advised her with great emphasis.

“You have to be on guard against her. Anything related to your husband’s family must be firmly held in your hands, do you understand?”

Jiang Xiaxia looked silently at the couple not far away for a long time before nodding slowly.

She couldn’t express what she felt in her heart.

The Jiang and Huo families were neighbors. She and Huo Nian were born on the same day of the same month, and grew up together.

Since they were young, Huo Nian had always been a well-behaved and gentle girl, praised by the villagers for her obedience and understanding compared to Jiang Xiaxia’s mischievousness.

But later on, Huo Nian’s Father unexpectedly passed away, and she suddenly became an orphan without parents.

Even Huo Nian’s fiancé, Brother Chenyang, didn’t like her as much.

On one hand, Jiang Xiaxia felt extremely guilty, while on the other hand, she sympathized with her. On one hand…

There was also a faint sense of superiority.

This sense of superiority allowed her to sincerely help and be good to Huo Nian, because in her heart, it felt more like a benevolence from someone in a higher position.

But when did it start?

When did Huo Nian have more clothes, better grades… and a more outstanding fiancé than her?

Standing in the center of the crowd, everyone focused on her, praising and envying her.

And then, they completely forgot about the once Jiang Xiaxia.

The words her grandmother spoke, deep down Jiang Xiaxia knew they weren’t true.

But she subconsciously chose to believe it.

Because only by believing that He Nian was a scheming and calculating person could she cover up these dark thoughts in her heart and allow herself to genuinely despise her.

But she still felt uneasy.

The thought that her once pitiful and good friend, who now lived a better life than her under the same roof, made her uncomfortable.

Especially uncomfortable.

Jiang Xiaxia didn’t know that at this moment, Huo Xingchao was discussing family matters with his mother.

“Mom, both mine and He Nian’s jobs are in the capital, and we will probably live there in the future. Now that Huo Zhiwen is growing up so fast, why don’t you just clean up my room and let him sleep there?”

Mother Huo furrowed her brow and hesitated.

“What will you do when you come back during holidays if there’s no place to sleep?”

“We can squeeze a bit then. We can’t just keep this room empty all the time just because of a few days during the Chinese New Year. Besides, your room isn’t big either. My brother even let Huo Zhiwen sleep there. Can you sleep well at night?”

“Alright, Mom, Nian Nian also agrees with this idea. Don’t hesitate anymore. If it really doesn’t work out, Nian Nian and I can go stay with Grandfather.”

“Oh, by the way,”

Huo Xingchao blinked and smiled.

“I bought a courtyard in the capital with several empty rooms. When you retire, come and live with us.”

Mother Huo shook her head, smiled, and sighed.

“I won’t go. The capital is good, but I don’t know anyone there. It’s better to stay at home and chat with the neighbors.”

In any case.

This matter was settled.

When Mother Huo announced it, others hadn’t reacted yet, but Huo Zhiwen was the first to cheer happily.

Huo Chenyang paused, but a smile appeared on his face.

He had wanted his brother’s room for a long time. He had been thinking that since Xingchao and He Nian both worked in the capital, it was a waste to leave a room empty. His mother stubbornly disagreed.

Now he finally understood.

And the youngest grandson of the Huo family, Huo Zhiwen, who was only six years old, didn’t think too much. He was simply happy that he could live in his uncle’s room.

His mother said that he had to share a bed with his grandparents because of his little aunt, and that made him quite unhappy.

A few days ago, when his little aunt came back, he got mad at her when no one was around.

He didn’t expect that now his little aunt would give up her room.

The child had a smile on his face as he slurped his noodles.

Only one person kept their head down.

Remaining silent, nobody knew what she was thinking.

“Xiaxia, why aren’t you eating?”

She looked up and smiled, “Oh, nothing. I’m just thinking about Wenwen’s schooling.”


Why were the things she longed for so easily given up by the other person?

Given away as if this room was insignificant to her.

When exactly did the positions of her and He Nian completely reverse?

But no matter how unwilling Jiang Xiaxia was, she couldn’t do anything about He Nian because of Huo Xingchao.

After all, their whole family lived in the capital, and even if they came back for the Chinese New Year, they would stay at Grandfather Huo’s house and bring back all sorts of things. After the holiday, they would leave.

She could envy, be jealous, and hate as much as she wanted.

Until 1988.

Huo Xingchao returned to their hometown with his wife and child for the Chinese New Year.

He remembered that in the original plot.

It was this year that Jiang Xiaxia accidentally pushed He Nian’s son down the stairs, causing him to become mentally disabled.

It was also this year that He Nian learned the truth about her father’s death.

Faced with the double blow, she was overwhelmed with despair and completely turned dark.

But her revenge failed, and she discovered that her son had gone missing. She completely collapsed, and then she jumped into the river and died.

Originally, Huo Xingchao just wanted to let her live the rest of her life peacefully, far away from the group of people who caused her tragedy.

But over the years, regardless of how comfortable and happy their lives were, he found that the starlight value sensed by his Sensing Star remained at ninety percent.

He thought that perhaps some things needed to be resolved.

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