He is from the Great Sea of ​​Stars [Quick Travel] Chapter 1

Overlord Xing is the supervisor of the Great Sea of Stars.

The stars in his jurisdiction are the brightest and full of vitality.

But one day, he suddenly noticed that some of the stars in his sector started to dim.

And they kept getting dimmer and dimmer until one day, the first star went out.

Overlord Xing realized that something was wrong, so he ordered his subordinates, San Li Tong and Lie Huo, to investigate the matter.

Overlord Xing was serious and said, “This is a matter of life and death for our sector. You two must investigate thoroughly. Otherwise, I’ll make you get married.”

Lie Huo was full of flames, and San Li Tong was full of combustible gas and oxygen. If they got married, their wedding night would be their death day.

So San Li Tong was scared and ran away for millions of light years to find spiritual nourishment. He brought back a bunch of books and presented them to Overlord Xing.

Overlord Xing asked, “What are these?”

San Li Tong replied, “These are the latest coming-of-age gifts in our sector. When stars come of age, they choose a small world to experience life. These books contain their life experiences.”

Overlord Xing randomly opened one of the books and read “Red Love and Death” by Xiao Duoduo Star. It was a sad story about a childhood full of misery, unrequited love, and a lonely life.

He then read “Heavy Smoke, Light Wind” by Fat Fat Star. It was about a young maid who was deceived and heartbroken by her master, and eventually suffered a miscarriage and became mentally ill.

He also read “Love Under the Peach Tree” by Mei Mei Star, which was about the peach tree that hanged the male lead.

Finally, Overlord Xing knew why his stars were getting dimmer and dimmer. Even Meimei star had gone out directly. This coming-of-age ceremony was simply insane.

“I’ve decided!”

Lie Huo looked at his serious expression and tried to guess his meaning.

“Are you going to abolish this coming-of-age ceremony?”

“No, I’m going to save my stars!”

Overlord Xing frowned, his expression serious and just, with only a little excitement in his eyes, revealing his truest emotions.

But the dull Lie Huo and San Li Tong didn’t see it.

Tears welled up in their eyes as they were moved by the righteousness of their jurisdictional lord.

“So, Your Lordship, how are you going to save these poor little stars?”

Overlord Xing thought for a moment and spoke seriously.

“I’m going to go through the worlds and experience life there.”

“What?!” / “Absolutely not!”

The two loyal and dull stars were shocked.

“That’s how it’s decided.”

Overlord Xing waved his hand domineeringly.

“Let the time and space star cluster arrange it, and take me to the worlds they’ve experienced. I, Overlord Xing, will definitely save their light.”

“My lord, such a dangerous mission should be entrusted to other stars!”

Lie Huo was very worried.

“What, do you think anyone besides me, Overlord Xing, has the ability to do this?”

Lie Huo didn’t say anything.

“But, Your Lordship, once you enter the world and the time and space star cluster reverses time, your memories of tens of billions of years may only be reduced to tens of trillions of years.”

San Li Tong raised another concern.

“That’s better than having no time left at all.”

No other star had ever been able to persuade Overlord Xing when he had made a decision, and he didn’t waste any words with them. He made his decision.

He called for a small sensing star that had not yet developed its intelligence.

“This star can sense the brightness of other stars’ sources. Put it beside me. If it senses that a star’s brightness has been restored, then let the time and space star cluster switch to another world. Do you understand?”

Worried Lie Huo and San Li Tong replied, “We understand.”

And so it went.

Overlord Xing, the chief jurisdictional officer of the great Sea of Stars, began his journey through time and space.

Oh, no.

His journey to save little stars!

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