Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 389

At the same time, similar situations to the Sunshine Base appeared across the country.

Later, several biological researchers arrived at the base, expressing the need for a safe place to study the zombie virus. Yan Yi strongly supported this and provided them with extremely high treatment.

Yan Nian had a magical space, and Yan Yi had known about it for a long time. This secret was tacitly understood between the two. To restore peace as soon as possible, he had Yan Nian take out the spring water from the space for the researchers to study.

Not long after, word spread across various bases that Yan Nian had a special treasure that could possibly suppress the zombie virus.

However, the Sunshine Base developed rapidly, and everyone was very united and powerful, so they didn’t dare to do anything.

Since that time, Tang Guo never tried to explain anything to Yan Yi again, as if she had become a walking dead who only knew how to collect supplies.

There was no expression on her face. In the past, you could occasionally see a smile or her looking sad.

But to put it in one sentence, she was a colder person than Qin Jiaren.

“Don’t go out recently. Many bases know about Yan Nian’s secret, and many strangers are now outside the base.”

Qin Jiaren said, looking at the woman reclining on the sofa pretending to sleep, increasingly unsure of what kind of person she really was.

Others might think Tang Guo had become a tool, but she knew that wasn’t the case.

As long as you pay close attention, you would notice the occasional playful look in this woman’s eyes, as if she were playing some interesting game.

After a long time, Qin Jiaren finally determined that this woman was not stuck in her feelings but seemed to be acting for some reason.

If that were the case, she would feel a kindred spirit.

“Really?” Tang Guo looked up, a slight smile at the corner of her mouth, “Is it that jade pendant?”

“You know?” What Qin Jiaren actually wanted to ask is if she knew all along.

Tang Guo chuckled, “It’s my thing, how could I not know? She is indeed Heaven’s favored one.”

Qin Jiaren frowned. She hadn’t heard Tang Guo talk about these things for a long time. This time she had a feeling that Tang Guo might be telling the truth, maybe that jade pendant was hers.

If the jade pendant was hers, then was Yan Nian lying?

“What do you think about zombies coexisting with humans?”

“What?” Qin Jiaren was slightly stunned. “Zombies coexisting with humans? How is that possible?”

Tang Guo smiled slightly, “If one day zombies no longer bite people but occupy a piece of land, creating a paradise, and they evolve to be like ordinary people, with the only difference being stronger abilities, do you think zombies and humans could coexist?”

“Who knows, humans might end up seeking protection from zombies.”

Qin Jiaren rarely laughed, “You have quite the wild imagination, that’s impossible.”

Tang Guo smiled without saying a word. Let’s wait a little longer. When she leaves here, the zombie empire should be exposed to the world. Will they panic? Be amazed? She wanted to know.

[Host, Shi Cheng’s people have attacked.]

[In order to make Yan Yi hand you over, he deliberately avoided showing up, fearing that Yan Yi might think he knows Yan Nian and wouldn’t dare to take you out for the exchange.]

Tang Guo raised her eyebrows and said, “That was pretty quick, a few years ahead of schedule. I have to give him a helping hand so he can successfully take me back.”

The system was stunned. Look at that, sometimes the host is so shameless.

Your mouth says no, but your actions are very honest.

“Hey, where are you going?” Qin Jiaren called out. Tang Guo turned back and smiled, cracking her knuckles, “To do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

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