Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 388

“It’s my stubbornness that has caused inconvenience to many people.”

“I’ve already awakened my abilities, so from now on you have to find your own food.”

“If you’re nice to me, I can help you a bit, but as for Yan Yi and Yan Nian, I won’t be preparing anything for them.”

She gently pushed Qin Jiaren’s hand away and smiled at her, “I’ll take care of your meals. I find you quite pleasing.” With that, she got into the car.

Shao Qing was a bit dumbfounded, and the other members looked at each other in disbelief.

This revenge came so suddenly that they hadn’t even had time to react.

“My ability is immunity to zombies. They won’t attack me. I can go to dangerous places, saving the squad a lot of trouble, so my ability should be quite strong.”

Tang Guo sat in her seat, speaking slowly, raising her eyes slightly, “You have no objections, right?”

“No…” Shao Qing, who handled daily chores, quickly responded. Such an ability was indeed very powerful. Without much effort, they could obtain whatever they wanted. Having someone like this in their squad was really strong.

“Then let’s go get the supplies.”

Tang Guo didn’t give anyone a chance to react. She got out of the car and called out to Qin Jiaren, “You drive. We’ll go in and get the supplies.”

Qin Jiaren nodded and drove behind Tang Guo. Sure enough, wherever Tang Guo went, the zombies wouldn’t attack.

Soon, the supplies filled the whole car. Shao Qing had to call Yan Nian to store the supplies in her space.

Yan Nian was actually very scared inside. Without the space and jade pendant, Tang Guo still awakened such an incredible ability. It was terrifying.

Zombies wouldn’t attack Tang Guo, so wasn’t she invincible?

“Zombies just won’t attack me. I can’t control them. There’s nothing special about this ability if others find out.”

Hearing this, Yan Nian breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, it wasn’t that overwhelming, just immunity to zombie attacks.

She had only been toyed with by zombies before and hadn’t been bitten. Does that count as an ability to avoid being attacked? She wasn’t sure and didn’t dare to test it.

The Sunshine Squad returned to the base, and Tang Guo reported her ability, which indeed surprised the people at the base.

Later, when they learned that her combat power wasn’t strong, just that zombies wouldn’t attack her, they weren’t that curious anymore. At most, it was just a self-protection ability, not controlling zombies, so there was no need to fear her.

But after this, Tang Guo’s status rose.

First, she got her own room in the villa.

She didn’t have to cook anymore, and she would always go on missions.

Wherever there were a lot of zombies and items to be collected, she would go.

Anyway, she was the one doing the most dangerous work. The squad members really wanted to eat her cooking but didn’t dare to say much. They could only silently chew on their dry rations with tears.

Sometimes, other squads even invited her to join their missions and would share a lot of supplies with her. Her awakened ability brought many benefits to the squad.

Later, conflicts arose within the base’s high ranks. Some ability users wanted to declare themselves kings, causing a period of chaos.

Many people tried to win over the Sunshine Squad. Yan Yi decisively seized the opportunity and swiftly took over Base No. 7, renaming it Sunshine Base. He is indeed a very talented person and quickly organized the base efficiently, significantly improving the lives of its residents.

Many ordinary people and ability users from other places started to flock to Sunshine Base.

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