Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 387

The members of the Sunshine Squad were frantically killing zombies, their speed much faster than usual, though they didn’t understand why they were in such a hurry.

In fact, many people, including Shao Qing, were somewhat regretful that they hadn’t stopped it earlier.

By indulging their boss to act this way, how was it any different from Tang Guo’s previous behavior?

Actually, aside from that moment, she was really not bad in general; she would even carefully ask about their preferences when cooking.

Sometimes, when they didn’t return, she would save food for them.

Apart from bothering the boss, she never caused them any trouble. On the contrary, because of her presence, their lives had gotten much better.

They no longer had to eat dry rations and canned food when they didn’t have time to cook.

They could eat hot meals every day, and occasionally enjoy the snacks she made. Aside from some other shortcomings, she was really unparalleled in making food.

Thinking about it carefully, she never wronged anyone in the squad except Yan Nian and Yan Yi.

And they… had just watched her die, feeling guilty and sad inside.

The more Shao Qing thought about it, the more he felt ashamed. She wasn’t that bad, maybe she just didn’t think things through for a moment. Why did they let her die so easily?

[Host, there are a few people outside secretly wiping their tears. They are killing zombies very hard, almost killing them in one hit.]

[Host, they seem very regretful.]

“As expected, I have never wronged them. On the contrary, I took good care of them.” Tang Guo squatted on the ground, supporting her chin in a daze, “Next, I don’t need to work so hard. I’ll just cook when I feel like it.”

“I want to portray a woman whose heart has died.”

The system was speechless; the host had recently fallen in love with acting. Wasn’t the last world enough for her?

“In the future, I’ll only cook for those who are pleasing to the eye. As for Yan Yi and Yan Nian, forget it, let them chew their dry rations and canned food.”

System: Whatever makes you happy.

When the Sunshine Squad fought their way in with all their strength, they were stunned by the scene in front of them. After being stunned, they couldn’t help but feel a sigh of relief.

She was actually still alive and well?

Looking at the zombies around her, it seemed as if they hadn’t seen her at all and didn’t attack her. This was very surprising. Had she awakened some ability?

“Tang Guo.”

Shao Qing rushed over, squatting beside her. At first glance, he saw the woman’s grey, misty eyes, and felt a suffocating sensation, his eyes turning sore. “I’m sorry, I should have stopped the boss. You’ve been very good to many of us.”

The woman only glanced at him, then lowered her head, silent.

Seeing her lifeless state, Shao Qing regretted deeply, “I’m really sorry. This won’t happen again in the future.”

Yan Yi only glanced at her and turned away. He couldn’t describe his feelings upon seeing her alive. There was a sense of relief, and much of his previous killing intent had dissipated.

But when he returned and saw Yan Nian’s embarrassed state, he quickly dismissed that bit of sympathy. That woman was really lucky; even zombies don’t bother her.

It was Qin Jiaren who came over and helped Tang Guo up, whispering in her ear, “You should live for yourself.”

“I know.”

Surprisingly, the woman responded, which shocked everyone. Then they noticed that the mist in her eyes had cleared, replaced by indifference and emptiness.

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