Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! Chapter 386

Yan Nian’s eyes flickered. “Ah Yi, don’t go too far. Maybe she just didn’t think it through.”

“Can she take your life just because she didn’t think it through?”

Yan Yi pushed Yan Nian aside and walked towards Tang Guo. His aggressive demeanor frightened the members of the squad.

He grabbed Tang Guo, and Qin Jiaren immediately spoke up, “Boss, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Let her experience what it’s like to be surrounded by zombies. It’s not fair that Nian Nian suffered so much because of her, and she can just apologize and be fine here.”

“Boss, she’ll die if you do this,” Shao Qing quickly stopped him. “No matter what, you can’t push her into the zombies.”

Yan Yi sneered, his decision unchanged. He glanced at the woman who remained very calm and said, “If Nian Nian had died in the zombie horde just now, would you still say the same thing?”

“Nian Nian was lucky not to be bitten by the zombies. If she is also lucky and survives, she can continue to be in the Sunshine Squad.”

Qin Jiaren continued, “Boss, Miss Tang is probably not that kind of person. I hope you can ask clearly, to avoid doing something you’ll regret in the future.”

She hadn’t noticed the earlier incident, but she felt that Tang Guo wasn’t that kind of person; it was her intuition.

What she didn’t say was that she couldn’t see through this woman. Sometimes, when she went downstairs, she would occasionally see that woman sitting on the sofa, with a smile, as if laughing at something.

At that moment, Tang Guo looked very different from how others saw her.

If she really wanted to harm Yan Nian, why not tamper with the food instead? Why would she openly push someone into zombies? Isn’t she blatantly showing everyone her evil deeds?

She believed Tang Guo wasn’t that stupid.

“I know who she is better than you. I know that Jiaren has always had a grudge against Nian Nian, but this time everyone saw it. She personally pushed Nian Nian.”

He wouldn’t let her off.

Yan Yi grabbed Tang Guo’s wrist, leading her towards the zombie horde. When they were not far from the zombies, he pushed her without hesitation, and she fell within the range of the zombies.

She only looked back at Yan Yi once. That look was filled with despair. Her originally bright eyes completely lost their light, becoming gray and dull. Everyone who saw those eyes felt a pause in their heart, a surge of indescribable sadness welling up from within.

Yan Yi only hesitated for a moment, then turned his head. She deserved it. She shouldn’t have pushed Nian Nian. She was a vicious woman.

Shao Qing closed his eyes, still unable to bear it.

Qin Jiaren’s cold eyes flickered as she stared intently at the horde of zombies. She couldn’t help but pray, hoping that the woman would survive.

Half an hour later, they could no longer see what was happening inside. They only knew that the zombies were surrounding something in a frenzy, leaving Shao Qing feeling uneasy.

She must have been eaten by zombies.

Qin Jiaren felt a bit sad for the first time, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to eat the rice porridge made by that woman anymore. Thinking of the woman’s occasional warm smile, she felt a sense of regret.

Yan Nian, inside the car, also heard the commotion outside. Knowing Tang Guo was pushed into the zombie horde, she breathed a sigh of relief. The things she feared, the hidden secrets, would never be exposed again.

“Boss, it’s been half an hour,” Shao Qing couldn’t help but remind him. “Let’s go and see, and destroy these zombies.” He didn’t know if her body was still there; Shao Qing felt a pang of sadness.

Yan Yi was stunned. Has it been half an hour?

He quickly looked towards the zombie horde. There were no screams or cries inside. He clenched his fist. She brought this upon herself.

“Let’s go and see.”

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